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Le Gorgier
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Grâce à Chargemap, j'ai pu réaliser mon rêve en allant au grand-prix de Formula-E à Monaco, soit un trajet de 940km en Renault ZOE ! - Fabien



Niveau 4

lundi 17 août 2020 14:02

a réussi à charger...


Niveau 2

vendredi 18 octobre 2019 14:16

Charge sans probleme


Niveau 5

samedi 26 mai 2018 08:50

est en train de recharger...

Made a second attempt, and this time all worked as it should. Within a few minutes those precious watts, were flowing into my car. Thanks for the charger, Wiiiz.


Niveau 5

jeudi 17 mai 2018 15:05

This was very painful, I’m on my 2nd Zoe, been driving them for the last 6 years and have driven over 100k Km, so not a newbie. Some tips for others trying to use the system. 1. The alias the system asks for when you try to purchase a charge is the number after Mat - of the form 00500305. When you say use my charge a (green) button will blink you must have the cable already attached to the car, with the other end in your hand. After pressing the blinking button, open the access door and plug in. You must make sure the door is properly closed or charging will not start. Many thanks to the 2 people who tried to help when I called the support number, but the line was so bad on each occasion it was only when I was called back by the person on their private phone that I could understand them. When I have another half hour to waste I’ll try again. This time I drove to Auchan, to get my fill. Thank you Auchan!

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